White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are committed by those who are often employed in government or business. However, the average individual who is making an insurance claim or filling out a tax form can be accused of a white collar crime as well.

These crimes often involve some element of deceit or concealment. Generally, there is a violation of trust that can have no relation to the threat or act of physical force or violence. The motivation for these types of crimes is usually for financial gain or to avoid losing money or property.

These financially motivated crimes are often much more complicated than the average run-of-the-mill criminal charge. They involve complex investments, unique systems designed to provide benefits, or banking regulations. When someone is accused of such a crime, they need experienced counsel who is prepared to deal with the complexities of these charges.

Examples of White Collar Crimes in Orange County

White collar crimes can come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most common charges include:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Workers’ compensation fraud
  • Public works charges
  • Falsification of documents
  • Self-dealing by corporate insiders
  • Misuse of corporate property
  • Tax violations
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Health care fraud
  • Social Security fraud

White collar crimes vary significantly. How you defend yourself will depend on the type of charge asserted as well. It is essential to retain a criminal defense attorney who has experience in your particular kind of charge.

Steve Mooney: The Experience You Need

Steve Mooney of South Coast Law Firm has a unique financial background, which makes him particularly valuable as a white collar crime defense lawyer. Mooney has experience as an accountant, and he has worked with a large company as their assistant treasurer. He has also been employed as an assistant controller in California. In this role, Mooney helped administer and examine accounting principles and procedures.

Mooney also has over 20 years of legal experience, much of which is in the criminal law field. He offers his clients excellent legal services at reasonable rates. The experience and knowledge that Mooney has to provide white collar crime clients are particularly valuable because of his in-depth financial training, experience, and familiarity.

Find out more about how Steve Mooney and the South Coast Law Firm can help you or a loved one who has been accused of a white collar crime. Do not want until it is too late! Call today to set up an appointment.

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