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Orange County real estate attorney, Stephen J. Mooney, represents clients in matters pertaining to real estate disputes. These can be very complex issues which, without legal intervention, can cost you significant time and money. While many real estate disputes can be resolved without having to resort to litigation, sometimes taking the matter to court is necessary in order to protect your rights and interests.

Real estate disputes can arise out of a number of issues, including zoning, disagreements as to boundaries, fraud and title conflicts. If your real estate

dispute involves commercial property, your business can suffer until the matter is resolved. A dispute over personal property can cause difficulties with neighbors and even lead to fines imposed by the city. When your Orange County real estate lawyer takes your case, he will assess the nature of the dispute and discuss your options for securing a remedy.

Examples of Disputes We Handle

A dispute over real estate can range from simply one party wishing to be freed from the obligation to purchase, to highly complicated matters of eminent domain and title clearances. There may be a conflict of interest if, say, the same company provides brokers for both the seller and buyer. Your Orange County real estate attorney handles many types of disputes, including the following:

  • Covenants, restrictions and ordinances
  • Boundary and Easement
  • Restrictions to deeds
  • Adverse possession
  • Survey disagreements
  • Zoning and variances
  • Broker disputes
  • Enforcement of sale agreements
  • Fraud

When Litigation Becomes Necessary

Sometimes the parties involved in a real estate dispute cannot agree upon a settlement. When this occurs, you will have to litigate if the issue is one that is serious enough to require resolution. For instance, a conflict over title can prevent you from being able to sell a property. A zoning issue can keep you from using the property for your business.

It is important to keep in mind that California laws place a strict statute of limitations on the time during which you may file a lawsuit. For this reason you must act promptly to protect your interests.

Work with an Orange County Real Estate Lawyer

If you are involved in a real estate dispute, you need the legal representation of an Orange County real estate attorney who will fight for your rights. Call Stephen J. Mooney, Attorney at Law, today to arrange a consultation at (949)395-7060.

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