person holding gavel in court with American Flag in the backgroundLitigation is the act of carrying out a lawsuit in a court of law. It encompasses many different subjects. First, a Summons is issued along with a complaint. Those documents are served on the person being sued. Then the person being sued has to answer the complaint or else a default judgment will be taken against that person. That is good for the one suing, and very bad for the one being sued.

We can help anyone that wants to sue somebody or has been sued by somebody. Call to make an appointment and we will evaluate whether or not you have a case. If you are being sued, make an appointment so we can arrange to defend you.

Examples of cases that are litigated are accidents, product liability, contract disputes, class action lawsuits, real estate matters, partnerships and business-related lawsuits, liens, mechanics liens, property liens, product liability, torts, defamation, slander, fraud, negligence, emotional distress, assault and battery, commercial transactions, wrongful death, accidents involving automobiles, taxis, trucks, trains and planes, and employment-related disputes.

Business Litigation

Business transactions can be complicated, but they can become even more complex when they go wrong. When disagreements arise among parties, litigation may not be far behind. Business owners large and small must continually navigate treacherous and litigious waters—and that is no easy feat.

Whether your business is a sole proprietorship or a large corporation, or somewhere in between, every company faces the threat of impending litigation at some point. That threat may come from an outside force, or it can be the result of internal turmoil. When that time comes, you need an experienced attorney who can both negotiate and be effective in the courtroom.

Breach of Contract Cases

A contract is an agreement between one or more parties. It sets out obligations and duties for all of the persons or entities involved. When one party fails to carry out their responsibilities under the contract, and that failure results in damages, a claim for breach of contract may arise.

Contracts are a vital aspect of the business world. As a business owner or officer, you likely encounter contracts virtually every day, from supply contracts to employment agreements. That is part of the reason that breach of contract claims are so prevalent in business litigation.

A San Clemente business attorney can help you assert your rights in contract breach situations. You have legal options! Do not sit idly by while others take advantage of your business!

Partnership Problems and Other Internal Disputes

When you own a business with other people, there are bound to be disagreements. This is true whether you are a member of a partnership or you sit on a Board of Directors. In many situations, those disagreements can lead to business litigation.

Internal disputes can be extremely complicated, so it is critical to have an attorney who has experience dealing with these often delicate issues. The South Coast Law Firm can help you work through internal disputes through negotiation or litigation.

Fraud and Misrepresentation

Not everyone is ethical. People can deliberately trick you into spending money, purchasing products, or entering into a contract. In those situations, you may have legal recourse to recover your damages.

Fraud in the business context is often a civil claim, instead of involving criminal charges. Learn more about these types of lawsuits by contacting our office to schedule an appointment at (949)395-7060!

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