Family Law

Divorce and other challenging family law matters can significantly impact your life. Experienced  family law attorney Steve Mooney represents clients in all areas of family law, including those involving divorce matters with related real property and business issues, spousal and child support, contested child custody, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships, domestic violence, wills and probate and other complicated matters that must be handled with a high degree of competence and care.

Dissolution, Legal Separation and Domestic Partnerships

South Coast Law Firm is a small, friendly office that is committed to providing experienced and highly personalized legal representation. What makes our practice unique is our ability to be collaborative and to assist our clients in resolving legal matters by settlement with the respect of all parties involved and, if possible, without court proceedings. If necessary, however, we are experienced and fully competent to represent our clients in litigated court proceedings.

Just imagine, the worst event that can happen to your marriage is happening. You have nightmares of losing your home, children and savings. The cost of a protracted divorce when you have children, a home, investments, or a business will, and I mean will, give you fits, nightmares and trauma. It may affect the rest of your life. The cost can be staggering. Ask anyone that has gone through a divorce that ate up everything they had.

Then think that there is an alternative to the madness. It is called a settlement. It can be done out of court, in an office, in a non-combative atmosphere with an eye towards peace and fairness and the betterment of the children’s lives and you and your partner or spouse’s lives. You’ll be respected by your friends and family for acting rationally. Your children will not see combat and be fearful for their security if you act like adults and keep them away from chaos and madness. You might have to bite your tongue but that won’t kill you. It will make you both stronger.

Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders and Abuse

If you are a victim of domestic violence or accused of domestic violence, either way, life has taken a turn for the worse. If you are a victim, the security you once felt is gone. The person you once trusted can no longer be trusted. If you are the accused, you may be falsely accused by the other person so that person gains a legal advantage over you in divorce or custody proceedings. Or, maybe the accusations are true and you need help to control your impulses. Maybe drinking or drugs has played a part in the deterioration of your relationship where you lost control.

Either way, know that you are not the only ones to have gone through this. Also know that Steve Mooney can help you get back to where you need to be for yourself and your loved ones. Did you know that these matters can be resolved out of court? Did you know that all is not lost and arrangements can be worked out?  Each case is different. If we have to go to court to resolve the matter, rest assured that Steve can help you and will represent you aggressively.

Limited Respresentation

Did you know that you can hire an attorney in family law to represent you on a limited basis? Well, yes you can. You can hire an attorney to represent you for a specific issue, a single day in court, or for representation in a restraining order, or domestic violence case. Attorney Mooney will consider...

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