For anyone who has been married for more than a few months, divorce severely impacts nearly all aspects of a person’s life. Married couples usually share everything, and all these things need to be divided and dealt with—bank accounts, assets, the home and children. Orange County family attorney Stephen J. Mooney understands the difficulties you are going through and will suggest ways to help weather the storm of divorce. The following are two important tips.

Protect the Children

As difficult as the divorce may be for you, you can be sure that the children are suffering more. Kids often are caught in the middle. Their custody may be the subject of arguments. You and your spouse may even inadvertently put them through emotional distress as they are told negative things about the other parent. Your Orange County family law firm can’t stress enough that you need to make a concerted effort to protect the children from the chaos.

Delay any Major Life Changes

A tendency among divorcing individuals is to make pervasive changes to their lives. These can include relocating to another city or state, entering into a new relationship and changing jobs. Divorcees have actually cashed in their retirement and run off to join a commune. Your Orange County family attorney will recommend that you wait for a period of at least a year before making any of these changes to your lifestyle if at all possible. Otherwise, you may very well do something you will seriously regret later.

Contact an Orange County Family Law Firm if You Are Divorcing

Divorce is often an emotionally wrenching, painful experience. An Orange County family attorney can help you keep a proper perspective and take you through the entire process. Call Stephen J. Mooney, Attorney at Law, today for legal representation with your divorce: (949)395-7060.

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